A Short Guide on Email Marketing for Newbies

All areas of knowledge and information have their own unique words, terms and other expressions. IM has a lot of different topics, and that only serves to greatly add to the overall bulk of terms you should understand. If you look at building an email list, the need for engaging in relationship marketing is great, and the path is through content value. Clearly, then, when you can read anything about web marketing or email marketing, then you will not be hampered or make mistakes due to misunderstandings. If you do not understand email marketing and readers, then you can make the wrong choices in many ways.

Starting right from the top, anytime a person subscribes to a list they are also opting-in to that list. Yes, this is the foundation of permission-based email marketing and only applies to commercial intent. All else in the list marketing process flows from the moment the reader elects to voluntarily opt-in to your list. From that point on, you are good to go until the person unsubscribes, etc, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. We alluded to different scenarios and processes involving opting-in, and you need to know about them plus a few more important points.

When it comes to coding format for your emails, do some reading and find out more about sending text versus HTML formatted emails. But look hard at your audience regarding HTML because there are more choices there for you which may impact your conversions. Then of course with HTML you can also do things with fonts and even add a graphic if you want. The one thing to avoid is making your emails look like sales letters or web pages due to being too busy. Another important consideration is their are spam filter triggers involving the use of too many graphics, etc, so be careful.

Email filters are widespread and are found in any kind of email client program. Plus, there is filtering performed at the ISP level.

But usually people have to enable or disable that feature; chances are good that filtering on is the default setting. What the email filter does is impose a block on an email based on certain criteria. For example, what you place in the subject line, or the email address in the “From” field as well as the email body copy are all considered.

Then there are certain words, phrases and characters that are tested for in those spaces. If there is a certain combination or perhaps score that serves as a trigger, then the email is filtered or blocked out. When you are just learning about email marketing, you will discover that many terms apply to more than one situation. As you have seen, some apply to email marketing that is a departure from the standard IM marketer and the list he or she builds. The one thing to avoid is thinking you know everything, and even experienced people will tell you they do not know it all.